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Review Guidelines

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Review Guidelines 



Review Request 


Before submitting a review, be sure to compile all your information and points that you will cover...especially for video reviews.



Review Requirements 


Everyone has their own style of writing. Below will be the minimum requirements to cover all bases.  


Visuals/Presentation - Basically, a first impression of what captured your eye, opinions of what was visually impressive/lackluster and criticisms of anything else like improvements or comparisons to related media and outlets. 


Examples of this would be graphics (games), special effects(movies), looks (hardware), atmosphere (location) and sound (games/movies/shows). 


Interactivity - Here you would describe how easy it is to get into the video game, how easy/difficult the installation process was to finally use product like if Grandma can install it in minutes or if a person needed somewhat of a technical background to get the product up and running.


Example: “Even in the end of the game I still kept fumbling over the controls as if the designers had no idea what to do with the simplest of actions”  



Performance/Experience - Did the movie have a good story? Did the food taste as good as expected? Did the product work as expected after installation? While playing the game did you encounter any issues? Is the item worth obtaining or should the public not waste their time and money with the product? 


These are the kind of questions you should be thinking of and what is the integral part of the review. You should form your opinions on an impartial level to the point where it would determine whether or not the item should be purchased/viewed. It is your responsibility as the reviewer to provide clear and concise information as to what your experience was and should others follow suit or avoid at all cost. Be sure to provide back up data i.e let the public know WHY you have this opinion in the first place.  


Example: “There’s nothing really ‘definitive’ about the Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition other than it being bundled with all the DLC. Despite that fact it’s still a great game to go through especially if you are a lover of hong kong action flicks or overall action games”.  


Conclusion - At the end of the review you may put in a little summary of the overall review. Because the website has been set up on a 1-5 star system all reviews should be submitted with a rating from 1-5. 


If you require any assistance feel free to contact any of the administrators. If you are planning to do a video review alongside the written one please let us know so that if you need assistance with video editing or clips we can do that for you.  


Video Review – For those wanting to submit a video review you may be able to do so, so long as it is within 5 minutes and covers most if not all of the written review.