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Aaron Stallworth Photography is a Professional Event, Portrait and Wedding Photography vendor that is based in the Philadelphia Area. He has been in business for 7 years. We had opportunity to ask owner, Aaron Stallworth a few questions about his business;

ReeVyoos: Aaron, we see you have an extensive body of work. What made you gravitate to photography? Do you have any formal training?

Aaron: Photography for me has always been a love. I desired to take pictures at a young age, but I got more into as I go older. I did more digital photography when I was about 24. And I have been hooked ever since. I am self taught. everything I have learned I have gotten from reading, studying and practicing on my own.

ReeVyoos: That's impressive! What equipment do you shoot with?

Aaron: I use a Nikon D700 (2) and a NIkon D7000. I also own a Sony a 350. I use an assortment of prime and zoom lenses, from a 16mm fisheye lens, to a 70-200 mm 2.8 zoom.

ReeVyoos: That is an impressive arsenal of equipment! Other than your Facebook Fanpage, how can people contact you?

Aaron: You can find most of my recent works on Facebook, as you have stated, but also my website www.aarondstallworthphotography.com or call 215-681-8761

For Booking Information email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 215-681-8761


Today we, the wife and I, had the opportunity to experience Crumbs Bakery. We were first exposed to the brand on the hit show "The Profit", a show that rescues and rebuilds failing businesses. Crumbs was established in 2003 in upper Manhattan and has since, expanded to malls and brick and mortars across the country.

First of all, the selection is pleasing to the eye. There are a wide variety of gourmet baked goods that invoke a combined feeling of home cooking merged with a specialty bakery feel. We were met at the door with cookie samples. A variety of tiny lace and shortbread cokies that were tasty and fresh. The shop was clean and inviting. Once at the counter, we encountered more samples of mini cupcakes. I had a devils food cake that was delicious and moist, and Anita (my wife) had a Dipping Dots Delight that was tasty, but a bit dry. We opted to purchase 2 of the larger cupcakes, a "Boston Cream" and "Squiggle" (a cupcake teetering on copyright infringement of the classic Hostess chocolate cupcake with the signature white squiggle). 

The cake is a hefty size and price. Beyond the eye appeal and at approximately $4.49 each, the cupcakes left us a bit dry. The icings appear to over shine the heart of the cupcakes...which should be the actual cake. Each cake portion of the cupcakes were a bit dry on the outside, as if they were not fresh. For almost $5 each, you would hope that cupcakes were being prepared at least twice a day and that the whole place would permeate with the smell of baking. The boston cream filling of my cupcake was underwhelming against the extra sweetness of the icing, which appeared to have a soft chocalte mousse-like center and a solid chocolate outer coating. Anita's Squiggle cake was also dry, and the "white cream center" appeared to only be directly beneath the ganache icing 

The transaction was quick and painless and the staff were pleasant. Overall, we did not feel that the specialty pricing matched the quality of the cupcakes that we purchased. We will most probably give them a second chance at a future date, but with smaller cakes the next time.


Premium One Stop Grad, a full service provider of photography services and products for the schools in the New York Tristate area, is our "Small Business Spotlight" of the day. The NJ based company has been around for 15 plus years, not only providing underprivileged communities with the best prices for graduation supplies and photography but offering a quality product line and customer service. Premium One Stop Grad is currently offering portrait photography services & personalized production of:

  • Cap & Gowns
  • Yearbooks
  • Diploma Cases
  • Class Rings
  • T-Shirts
  • Polos
  • Mugs
  • Key Chains
  • Teddy bears
  • and more.

Recently the services offered have been opened to the public but at retail rates unless buying in bulk. Schools and Administrators, please contact Premium One Stop Grad via their website or 800 number for special complete graduation packages...and don't forget to spread the news to your local schools and districts! Spread the word!

 CALL NOW:800 498 8878 


Support our small businesses. Help by ensuring that your dollars aren't used for larger corporation's CEO Bonuses but used in our small businesses that help pay for dance lessons, food, clothing, bills and our communities!