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Microsoft E3 Conference Summary

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SO did you miss out on Microsoft's E3 event? No worries here's everything you missed!



First thing's first Microsoft got one of their biggest announcements out of the way: Halo 5. After a nice intro they finally showed off some story gameplay that will include drop in and drop out 4 player co-op that the series is known for.  The main tease was it's multiplayer which looks like it incorporates a lot of what we've seen in gaming so far, specifically Titanfall and Planetside. AI characters will play alongside players and will be able to drop mechs.



From the creator of Mega Man comes ReCore which looks like an interesting game that takes place in a post apocalyptic world which gives off a lot of Ico vibes. Right after that however came the biggest bomb that everyone has to make up for which is the Xbox One will now be backwards compatible with every Xbox 360 game natively on Xbox One. They showed off some Mass Effect gameplay taking screenshots with Kinect. This has the potential to basically increase the library of games to those who still are holding on to their Xbox 360 games and hopefully put a stop to all these remasters that are plaguing the industry. The new Xbox One Elite Controller was announced and boasts everything you'd expect from a controller update button remapping, better D-Pad and precision. Fallout 4 for Xbox One will support PC-made mods I'm assuming due to the Windows 10 integration that brings all the Windows products into one ecosystem.  



Just like last year Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 was announced for the Xbox One. EA continued to promote EA access by adding Titanfall and Dragon Age: Inquisition to the vault, including early access to the new Madden. For this week EA Access will be FREE for all Xbox Live subscribers. Forza 6 was announced with Henry Ford III announcing over 450 cars, 1080p resolution, 60 frames per second, 2 player split screen mode and more. 



A new cinematic trailer for Dark Souls 3 was shown with a release date of early 2016. Ubisoft came on the scene to announce that Tom Clancy's The Division will have an exclusive beta for the Xbox One.  this December. Rainbow Six Siege will arrive this fall and thanks to the backwards compatibility of the Xbox One it will contain Rainbow Six Vegas 1 and 2 as a bonus for your purchase. Just like Steam Greenlight, Xbox One will have a preview program for games that is still in development like The Long Dark and DayZ. 



Continuing along the lines of the new indies coming to the Xbox One, Ashen looks like Microsoft's answer to Sony's Journey. Cuphead looks like a 1930's Mickey Mouse cartoon come to life and one I can't wait to get my hands on. While nothing much was said it looks like it will incorporate a 2 player co-op option, nothing yet on whether it would be local or through Xbox Live. Beyond Eyes reminds me a lot of Sony's Unfinished Swan. You play as a young blind girl and as you traverse your world is created as if Bob Ross is painting it right in front of your eyes. 



Gigantic is a MOBA that was announced for the Xbox One and PC but nothing much was said other than a trailer reveal. Rare Replay is like the Sega Genesis Ultimate Collection in which it takes everything you know and love from Rare like Battletoads, Perfect Dark, Conker's Bad Fur Day up to and including 30 games into one package for $30. The above trailer shows a montage of several indie games announced for Xbox One and PC. Rise of The Tomb Raider finally gets a release date (November 10) as well as a new gameplay trailer



A new MMO was announced by the creator of DayZ: ION. From what was said in the E3 every experience will be player-driven without any scripted sequenced where you will build, live and die in the universe. Even though it's still in development Xbox One gamer will be able to play it through the Xbox One Game Preview Program. Rare announced their most ambitious project yet...but no word on what exactly it is outside of the name: Sea of Thieves, and a gameplay reveal that looks like it will be taking you through a pirate MMO experience.  Mojang came up to the scene showing how Minecraft looked on the Hololens: long story short it was amazeballs and you need to see it to believe it.




With the announcement of the backward compatibility Phil Spencer said that "We won't make you pay for a game you already owned" as a jab to Sony and yet here we are with the worst kept secret Gears of War Ultimate Edition announcement that brings a remaster of the first Gears of War with features available in the later installment and it releases August 25 with 1080p visuals and 60 frames per second. Starting today they announced a week-long public beta that starts today for Xbox Live Subscribers. Closing off their conference Microsoft announced Gears of War 4 showing off familiar features like the cover to cover system, everyone's favorite gun: the Gnasher and well as the series staple: The Chaingun. 



SO that's it! There's more news coming today and we'll do our best to keep you up to date! If there's anything we missed, let us know and we'll be more than happy to update it.